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Виртуальная клиника

      Modern society makes high demands on the quality of providing medical care, and it in its turn presents high demands to the  system of medical personnel training. Dynamic development of information technologies, growth of innovative activities, appearance of a large number of advanced technology of medical technique have caused formation of the increased demand for highly qualified specialists who will not be taken aback in a hard professional situation. At the same time, nowadays in medical education the only alternative of training in humans is believed to be simulation training, that is acquisition of practical skills and abilities using simulation devices that imitate human tissues and organs, clinical situations and complex reactions of the “patient’s organism” to the learner’s actions.

       Simulation in medical education is a modern technology of  practical training and evaluation of medical personnel, including ­ skills mastering, working out automatically repeated actions, taking prompt adequate decisions based on modeling clinical and other situations, including risky ones and maximum close to real conditions.

        Virtual Clinic   is a model imitating ­ the structure, functions as well as processes of the medical ­ institution using simulation technologies.

         Precisely this type of training is thought to be the most promising due to its capabilities:

1. Creating clinical situations that are maximum close to real ones, but safe for patients.

2. Multiple repeating actions to develop skills and eliminate mistakes.

3. Development and maintenance of skills of professional actions in emergency situations, necessary for each medical specialist.

4. Working out interaction in teamwork and defining role of the leader in it.

        Purpose of the activity   is creation of organizational and learning and teaching conditions for improving the quality of training, retraining and advanced training, as well as for development professional competence of health care system specialists.  

        Tasks   of the Training Virtual Сlinic :

       - Organization of classes in TVC contributing to improvement the quality of training on the basis of new organizational forms, methods of teaching and control.

       - Scientific and methodic support of training system and assessment the competence of various categories of medical personnel.

     Taking into account appearance of simulative technologies from 2014 , the Simulation Center “Virtual Clinic”  was established on the basis of Taldykorgan Medical College to improve practical skills and to conduct intermediate and final certification of learners and paramedical workers of the Department of advanced training and retraining.

    On the basis of the Center, the students of the College improve their practical skills and abilities in special disciplines. The Center is equipped with mechanical training simulators, models, phantoms and patient mannequins, which allow to work out practical skills of working with the patient and consolidate foundations of clinical thinking of the future specialist.

              In the Simulation Center there are 6 rooms:

              Reception department - emergency room and sanitary inspection room: equipped with all necessary facilities  for anthropometry, sanitary treatment of a patient, enemas and other manipulations.

              Small operating theatre with a dressing room - designed for working out practical skills in surgery: compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, technology of hands surgical treatment , setting the sterile work surface, ulcers opening, stitching wounds, treating postoperative wounds, stitching and removing sutures, temporary stopping of bleeding, dressing, stitching, etc.

              Department of obstetrics and gynecology :

   The delivery room with a robot simulator of a patient reliably imitating the state of the mother and her unborn child during normal and complicated delivery.

              Examination room for maternity welfare centre - to simulate reception of a pregnant woman and gynecological patients.

              Pediatrics room is intended for working out practical skills on simulation mannequins for daily toilet of newborns and infants, rendering emergency aid at cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

              Nursing technologies room :

   A treatment room is equipped with mechanical simulators for parenteral drugs injection for working out practical skills of parenteral drugs injection, for providing anti-shock measures in the amount of pre-hospital care, storage of drugs of “A” and “B” groups, methods of medical waste utilization.

   The nursing ward is equipped with a semi-functional mannequins for working out the skills of patients nursing, measuring blood pressure and studying the pulse, the rules of keeping medical documentation, catheterization of the bladder, duodenal and fractional intubation, gastric lavage, performing cleansing, siphon, oil, hypertonic and medicine enemas.

Therapeutic room with emergency care is equipped with mannequins for working out practical skills in propedeutics of internal diseases: palpation, percussion, auscultation, differential diagnostics of noises and rales in pulmonary and cardiac pathology.

There are comprehensive training mannequins of an adult and a child for practical skills to provide first aid, cardiopulmonary - pulmonary resuscitation, anesthesiology and intensive care.

          Of course, in the process of simulation training as one of the stages of the course simpler mannequins and simulators are used, which are designed to work out individual practical skills and algorithms. But these components are not basic ones and only help to refresh the knowledge and skills of a specialist in order to engage him/her in familiar professional atmosphere. This provides the specialist the opportunity to work out repeatedly the comprehensive approach to treating a patient in complex, unfamiliar or rarely meeting clinical situations in his/her practical activity, without putting the patient at real risk. After such training, the specialist will gain even more confidence in his/her competence knowledge, skills, personal and social abilities in professional situations.

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