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Профсоюзный комитет

Union Committee

            On behalf and support of the Head of state in 2014, a new law "on trade unions" was developed and adopted, which is aimed at strengthening the role of trade unions, achieving social stability in society, protecting the rights and interests of workers.

         The primary trade Union organization of Taldykorgan higher medical College has been functioning as a part of the NGO "Almaty organization of Kazakhstan branch trade Union of education and science workers"since 2016.

            A collective agreement is concluded between the employer, represented by the Director of SCE on PVC "Taldykorgan higher medical College" of "Department of health Almaty region" by S. M. Gonsenheim and employees of the state municipal enterprise on the right of economic maintaining "the highest Taldykorgan medical College", in the face of trade-Union Committee, to ensure social and labor guarantees of the rights of workers. The collective agreement is developed in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "on trade unions", General, sectoral Agreements.

        The purpose of the Trade Union Committee is: representation and protection of individual and collective, social, labor, professional rights and interests of trade Union members.

              The most important activity of the trade Union is:

- development of the draft collective agreement, negotiations with the employer on its conclusion, change, addition and control of its implementation;

- participation in the establishment of remuneration systems, the size of tariff rates( salaries), forms of material incentives, labor standards, schedules of work and rest in the organization;

- implementation of the protective function for the purpose of continuous monitoring of compliance by employers with labor legislation, regulations and agreements on labor protection, conducting work to improve working conditions, health and life of employees, monitoring the use of funds intended for these purposes;

- provision of free legal assistance to trade Union members;

- organization of cultural, educational, sports and recreational activities, activities for recreation of employees and their families.

In order to protect the labor interests of employees, the trade Union Committee of our organization has established commissions that carry out work in all important areas of the organization.

College staff support includes:

- providing material assistance to employees, members of the trade Union on the basis of a personal application, low-income and large employees;

- celebration of anniversaries is carried out;

- provision of financial assistance on the occasion of professional holidays and events at the Department;

- assistance in case of loss of family members or close relatives;

- Christmas gifts to Union members and children's parties;

- partial payment of health resort vouchers RK;

- assistance and organization of cultural events for veterans and workers who went on a well-deserved rest

       The trade Union Committee has traditionally been the organizer and inspirer of sports and creative competitions and competitions held among the staff of the College.

      In any difficult life situations, performing its tasks and functions, the trade Union organization of Taldykorgan higher medical College is ready to provide its members with help and assistance!

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