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Dear colleagues!

              State Public Enterprise “Taldykorgan Higher Medical College” with the right on economic activity on the basis of requests of medical organizations (legal entities) and individual requests of paramedical and pharmaceutical workers (individuals) provides training, advance and retraining courses, master classes, conferences, training seminars on various topics with participation of leading specialists for  paramedical workers taking into account  customer’s needs .

         Advanced training courses are held in modern equipped classrooms, as well as at clinical sites equipped with the most modern facilities, the teaching staff is formed from the best qualified specialists.

In our College You can order training on any issue you are interested in, you can order us any curriculum as all programs are drawn up under the order according to the requirements of Professional Standards, and also taking into account the requests of the most demanding employers and learners. They can be adapted to the needs of each learner. The duration of training depends on the type of curriculum and it is adjusted to the wishes of listeners.

         It is possible to provide training in off-site format, as well as individual formation of schedules of the beginning of training as applications are received from medical institutions.

         The direction of the work is to ensure  quality of postgraduate education on the basis of maintaining its compliance with the current and future needs of the individual, society and the state.

The system of advanced training is designed to ensure continuous improvement of the level of qualification of employees, in accordance with the changing production and social conditions. It should be noted that the activity of the Department is carried out in the conditions of increasing requirements to professionalism and specialists competence. It makes teaching as a difficult task that can only be solved by the qualified teachers staff with  involvement of practical health professionals.

Advanced training and retraining of paramedical and pharmaceutical workers is provided in the following specialties:

0301000 “Medical care”

0301023 “Medical care” with “obstetrician  qualification”

0302000 “Nursing”

0303000 “Hygiene and epidemiology”

0304000 “Dentistry”

0305000 “Laboratory diagnostics”

0306000 “Pharmacy”

We offer various training options:
— full-time;
— part-time;
— field cycles;
— seminars;

   Upon finishing of training the learners are issued the Certificate of advanced training.

The prices can be adjusted, there is a system of discounts and installments payment. We are sure that we will find you an acceptable payment option and forms of training. We appreciate and respect our partners and we would be pleased to cooperate with you.


Our contacts

Address: Taldykorgan city, I. Zhansugurov street, 228.

Contact phone numbers: 8(7282) 22-02-81

                                           8(7282) 22-43-34



For admission to the cycle, the learners should submit the following documents:

1.Request from the organization for learner’s training (on the official letterhead of the organization in free form indicating the name of the learner,  position and basic education).

2.Personal statement of a learner (filled in in room 507)

3. Personal card of the learner (filled in in room 501)

4. Identity card (copy).

5. Diploma of higher or secondary medical education in the specialty (copy).

6. Order of the Head of the organization about sending the learner for training.

7. Document on passing primary specialization (copy, if available).

8. Document certifying change of a surname (in case of discrepancy between the surname in the diploma and identity card).

9.Document about having training in the specialty for the last 5 years (copies).





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