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Yskak Erotikuli Bauyrzhan 

supervisory board member

      Born September 29, 1969 Doctor of dermavenerology of the highest category. In 1997 he graduated from the Kazakh national medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov with a degree in "Medicine", in 2009-Almaty University of continuing education with a degree in"economist". He began his career in 1997, the clinical Intern in the Scientific - research dermatovenerologic Institute, then worked as head of Department "Almaty regional kozhno-a venereologic clinic" the leading expert of division of analysis and control Committee of Ministry of health "quality control of medical services". In 2007-2009-head of the branch "Almaty regional skin and venereal dispensary", in 2015-2017-chief physician of the state clinical hospital for PVC" skin and venereal dispensary", Almaty. Since December 2017.   Head of health Department of Almaty region.


Seitkazy Bolat Akhmetovich 

supervisory board chairman

         - Born November 25, 1958. Oncologist of the highest category. In 1985 he graduated from the Semipalatinsk state medical Institute (SSMI) with a degree in "General medicine", then completed an internship in surgery in Semipalatinsk. since 1986 he joined the regional Oncology center Taldykorgan as an oncologist. since 1992-oncologic surgeon. Since 2003, head of the surgical Department. 2012-present Director of the State clinical hospital on PHV " Regional Oncology center»


Idrisov Saltanat Sadyrova

supervisory board member

              She was born on may 20, 1969. 1990. he graduated from the Almaty Institute of national economy with a degree in Economics, 1993. Onila Ankh graduate school in Finance, 2002. he graduated. D. Coon, attorney, then 2010. he graduated From the international business school of the Kazakh economic University. T. Ryskulova master of business administration "Financial management".

            1992-2003. the banking system (second level) of the Republic of Kazakhstan expert on monetary circulation and securities to a Director of Astana branch (JSC "vidergeburt Bank", JSC" Gazenergoinvest Bank", JSC Halyk Bank. JSC "Texacabank" 2003-2004 JSC "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" development of regulations for consideration and monitoring of projects of the Bank and its terms of reference. Secretary of the Bank's credit Committee  2006-2008 JSC "Corporation Stroykontrakt" Deputy Chairman of the Board of Finance, managing Director  2010-2013 JSC "Halyk-life", branch Director. 2008-2017 " too Vivacharter» advising owners on business, Finance and accounting, business restructuring and risk management, as well as intermediary and Agency services 2015 regional Chamber of entrepreneurs-Business coach. Since August 2017. RSE on SEM "Republican center for health development" head of the Observatory of human resources on health of the CRM. Project management "Strategic personnel management". The KRZ Observatory was incorporated into the control Center


Akulov Kuanysh Karakulov

supervisory board member

          Born may 15, 1972. Therapist of the highest category.  In 1995 he graduated from Karaganda medical Institute with a degree in "General medicine", then from 1996 to 1998 he studied in clinical residency at the Department of internal medicine of the South Kazakhstan medical Academy. 1998-2002 worked as a teacher of therapy of Shymkent medical College. 2007-2009 experience in health management of North Kazakhstan region. 2009 -2014 worked as the Deputy Director DCMFD the MOH of the RK for Zhambyl and Almaty regions, the chief physician of northeast Asia, head of the Department of health of RK, head DCMFD MOH of Kazakhstan and Almaty region 2014-present Deputy Director of nu MC "Nur Avicenum", public work: Director of the Almaty regional branch of the Public Association "Republican medical chamber".

Doskaliyev Marat Kanatovich

supervisory board member

         - Born June 28, 1967. Doctor-pediatric surgeon of the highest category. In 1992 he graduated from the Semipalatinsk state medical Institute (SSMI) with a degree in General medicine, qualification " Pediatrics» 1992-2006 surgeon Taldykorgan pediatric surgery center 2006-2009 acting head of the surgical Department of the Regional children's hospital. 2009-present Director of GKP on PHV " multidisciplinary regional children's hospital»


Jansugurov Serik Maksimovic

supervisory board member

        - Born August 21, 1962. Sanitary doctor of the highest category. In 1989 he graduated from Karaganda state medical Institute, specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology", qualification "sanitary doctor".

1979-1980-carrier of St. Andrew's district hospital;

1980-1982-service in the Soviet Army;

1982-1983 - student of the preparatory Department of Karaganda state medical Institute;

1989-1995 - medical" anti-plague station " in Taldykorgan;

1995-1997-chief physician of the AIDS Center Taldykorgan;

Since November 23, 1997 the Director of GKP on PHV "Taldykorgan higher medical College".


Usmanov Rustam Ravilyevich 

supervisory board member

      - Born September 15, 1977. Engineer-architect. In 1999 he graduated from the Kazakh state Academy of architecture and construction. Since 1999 atrar LLP works as the foreman, took part in construction of objects in Astana, Karaganda, Tekeli, Almaty, Taldykorgan. in 2014 he was appointed Director of LLP "Atrar".


              Amanbekova Aizhan Burgandy-Secretary of the Supervisory Board of GKP at the ICR of " higher Taldykorgan medical College»  

               13.02.1990 year of birth.  Place of birth: Almaty region, Taldykorgan

                 Education: 2009-2012 Akmola region, Kokshetau Academy, specialty " Jurisprudence»

                 Cell phone: +7 771 457 3697


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