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       The current socio-economic situation of Kazakhstan and the health care system is focused on the production of competitive specialists of nursing staff. In connection with the ongoing reforms in the field of health care, the responsibility assigned to nurses, obstetricians, paramedics, dentists, medical laboratory assistants, hygienists – epidemiologists, pharmacists has increased.

   Requirements for the quality of trained personnel are increasing from year to year. Modern mid-level medical personnel should not only be able to provide medical care and preventive measures, but also possess the skills of management and organization of medical care, provision of social and medical services and monitoring of the sanitary condition of the region.

      Training of mid-level medical specialists is currently carried out in accordance with the directions defined by the State program of development of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Densaulyk" for 2016-2020, the Concept of development of human resources of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2012-2020.

       Taldykorgan medical College (hereinafter the College) sees its real participation in the development of Kazakhstan's medical clusters through the creation of an extensive educational infrastructure, the development of innovative technologies in the specialties in accordance with SES, in the field of medicine, the integration and synthesis of theory, methodology and practice, the development of social partnership of all stakeholders.

       When drawing up the plan of strategic development, the possible accession of medical educational organizations of the TVET of Kazakhstan to the Turin process of education and global trends in the development of education were taken into account in the future. Strategy of the College focuses on the holistic model of the future professional activity of the student with the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities associated with increasing competitiveness in the training of medical workers of an average link.

     Mission: is to train qualified and competent specialists of the appropriate level and profile, competitive in the labor market, fluent in their specialty, capable of effective work at the level of world standards.

      Vision: to be the leading innovative nursing educational institution of Kazakhstan, participating in the drafting of legal documents, improving the system of nursing education in the country, influencing policy in the field of quality health services, efficiently implementing innovative technologies and scientific developments to ensure receipt of quality medical education in accordance with the requirements of the consumer.

Strategic objective:

   achieving the quality of medical and pharmaceutical education that meets international standards and ensures the effective development of national health care.

- creation of effective mechanisms of interaction affecting the quality of training between the College and all stakeholders;

- development of human resources of the College;

- creating a comfortable environment for self-realization of students;


- improvement of the management system of the educational process;

- improving the professional and creative potential of College teachers;

- improvement of clinical training of students through the introduction of elements of dual training, modern achievements of clinical medicine with the involvement of highly qualified specialists in the learning process;

- further strengthening of the material and technical base, equipping classrooms, laboratories, modern information and communication, multimedia, digital, simulation, phantom equipment;

- further involvement of students in research, innovation, close integration of the educational process with practical health care;

- improvement of the quality management system;

- ensuring successful socialization of College graduates;

- formation of the image of the graduate responsible for his future;

- increasing the use of simulation technologies in clinical training;

- introduction of standardized methods of assessment of knowledge and practical skills of students, the system of independent assessment of the level of qualification of College graduates.

- improvement of stimulation of work of teachers of College;

- training of College teachers abroad;

- implementation of institutional, specialized accreditation of educational programs of the College;

- introduction of a positive sense of health and shared responsibility for health among teachers and students;

- creation of favorable conditions for intellectual, personal and physical development of students;

- formation of students adequate to the current level of knowledge and the level of educational picture of the world;

- education of citizenship, diligence, respect for human rights and freedoms, love for the Motherland and family.

      The strategic direction in the development of the College is the transition of all components of the educational process to a qualitatively new level by improving and generalizing the existing experience of the educational system of secondary vocational medical education, the introduction of new innovative technologies that provide the opportunity for critical self-assessment, which allowed to find effective ways to solve the tasks in order to obtain quality educational services.

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