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История колледжа

          Taldykorgan higher medical College is one of the oldest specialized secondary educational institutions of Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

           -in 1936 in the city of Taldy-Kurgan courses on preparation of nurses for nurseries, the contingent of pupils of 30 people were formed.
              - In 1940, the courses were transformed into the regional school of nurses.
             - 1941-1945 during the second world war in the regional school of nurses passed accelerated training of nurses for the front.
             - 1954 the school of nursing was reorganized into a medical utlise them C Kosmodemyanskoy , which began to train specialists in various fields.
             - 1993 on the basis of school the medical College which began preparation of students on step system of training was organized.
              - In 1999 the College was reorganized into the state enterprise " Taldykorgan Medical College"
              - In 2013, the College transferred to the PCU "Taldykorgan medical College".
              - In 2016, the College passed institutional and specialized accreditation.

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