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          The library of Taldykorgan higher medical College was organized in 1936. The area of the library – 133 m/m. In the library structure has 3 divisions: the subscription, a reading room with 35 seats, and electronic room equipped with 6 computers connected to the Internet.  The total Fund is 34685 copies.  Of these, 15201 copies in the state language, 19484 copies in Russian. Number of readers-1292. The library Fund is annually updated with new books.

         The library annually subscribes to periodicals: "Marbit s", "Nursing", "pharmacy", "Densaulyk", "wise man marbit s", "Medicine", "Specialist", "El Nazar", "Valueology"; Respublikasy and oblasti gazetter: "Flowers", "Egemen Kazakhstan", "Ogni Alatau", "Taldan", "Zhardem" and "Caldow habercisi", "Bilim Sapary", "Teacher dememes".

       Head of library Raushan Ibragimova Smagulova and a librarian of reading room Turusbekova Jeanne Erikovna continue to implement innovative activities and use of library innovations

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