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         Taldykorgan higher medical College is one of the oldest secondary specialized educational institutions of Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

          In 1936, in the city of Taldy-Kurgan were formed training courses for nurses for children's nursery, a contingent of 30 students. In 1940, the courses were transformed into a regional school of nurses. 1941-1945 during the great Patriotic war in the regional school of nurses was accelerated training of nurses for the front. In 1954, the school of nurses was reorganized into the medical school named after Z. Kosmedemyanskaya, which began to train specialists in various fields. In 1993, the medical College was organized on the basis of the school, which began training students on a step-by-step system of education.     

       In 1999 the College was reorganized into the state enterprise "Medical College of Taldykorgan". In 2013, the College moved to the PSC "Taldykorgan medical College". 2018 g. The medical College received the status of the higher College and began training of specialists of the applied bachelor degree in "Nursing".

      In 2016, the College passed institutional and specialized accreditation. In 2018g. regional simulation center of the state enterprise on PCV "Taldykorgan higher medical College" was certified by ROSOMED - all-Russian public organization "Russian society of simulation training in medicine" (Moscow). He took the First place in the "National ranking of the best medical colleges of Kazakhstan – 2018". He received the award of akim of Almaty region "Best medical College of Almaty region-2018".    

         State enterprise on PHV "Taldykorgan higher medical College" conducts training in seven educational programs:

0301000 - "Medical business" with qualification 0301013 "Paramedic", 0301023 "Obstetrician(ka)»;

0302000 - "Nursing" with qualification 0302053 "Applied bachelor of nursing"; 0302033 "General practice Nurse"; 0302022 – "Masseur", for the visually impaired; 

0303000-"Hygiene and epidemiology" with qualification 0303013 "Hygienist-epidemiologist»;

0304000 - "Dentistry" with qualification 0304023 "Dentist»;

0305000 - "Laboratory diagnostics" with qualification 0305013 "Medical laboratory assistant»;

0306000- "pharmacy" with qualification 0306013 "Pharmacist»;

0307000 – "orthopedic Dentistry" 0307013 with the qualification "a Dental technician»

      The total number of students is 1176 students, including the local budget of 455 people, the national budget of 103 people, on a contractual basis 618 people.

      SCE on PVC "Taldykorgan higher medical College" in 2018, according to the results of the independent examination into the amount of 272 viewsmikeymike have passed an independent examination index of 87.2% and occupies a leading position among the medical colleges of Kazakhstan.

on the initiative of the Akim of Almaty region from 2015-2016 academic year introduced a social project inclusive training in the specialty 0302000 "Nursing" with qualification 0302022 "Masseur" for the visually impaired. As well as, from 2018-2019 training introduced a social project inclusive training in the specialty "Dentistry orthopedic" 0307013 with the qualification of "Dental technician" for the hearing impaired. Students on admission have benefits for non-competitive enrollment and free accommodation in hostels. Students are trained by the state educational order.

       The educational process is carried out on the basis of normative educational documents, allowing to conduct quality training in full compliance with the standard. There is a sufficient material and technical base and the potential of the PS, allowing to effectively carry out educational activities. Number of teachers - 80 of them: full – time- 73. Candidates of medical Sciences – 3, Masters-5. Teachers of the highest category-27. The first – 15, the Second – 8 people.

      Technical equipment of classrooms and laboratories of the College is 98.8 %. The library Fund is formed in accordance with the requirements of standards and the contingent of students, is constantly updated. The book Fund is 34 529 copies. Of them in the state language - 14 445 copies of the College Budget is 256 381 000 Tg.

          Agreements on mutual cooperation with 24 medical organizations of the region were signed

      In the framework of international cooperation in 2015 signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Medical University of Xinjian Urumqi people's Republic of China, 2016, Kazan medical College, Republic of Tatarstan, and Omsk medical University of the Russian Federation in 2017 Sverdlovsk regional medical College the Russian Federation, 2019", the Tashkent City Medical College named after P. F. Borovsky" of the Republic of Uzbekistan to create joint projects in the field of medical education, organization of courses of improvement of qualification of teachers, exchange of students, joint workshops, seminars and other types of cooperation in the field of nursing.

         All conditions for living are created for College students. Student hostel - the design capacity is designed for 215 seats. The hostel is located next to the academic building. In the rooms there is a sleeping equipment drawers. Due to the lack of places, it is planned to build a hostel for 280 places at the expense of the budget of Almaty region.

         In the future, the creation of a clinical center for training students. The presence of the clinical center opens up new opportunities for teachers to teach accessible and effective, for students to learn safely and with minimal risk for patients, and for working nurses and doctors to qualitatively practice practical skills on simulation dummies and phantoms.

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